Coworker of "The Shipping 20" Celebrates Jackpot Win With Original Song "Calling in Rich"

CEDAR RAPIDS (KGAN/KFXA) - Obviously not every Quaker Oats employee was a part of the infamous "Shipping 20" that won the $241 million lottery jackpot this month. When Quaker employee David Bosier got the good news, he and his ticket pool checked their stack of numbers to find disappointment.

"Needless to say, it wasn't us," said Bosier.
Although he was a little disappointed, Bosier saw a chance for victory anyway with a song he wrote more than a year earlier. The song, ironically about winning the lottery, is called, "Calling in Rich".

"I got excited about it and I called up Kevin and said hey, we need to finish this; we need to finish this song now," he said. So he got to work. He called up his friend Kevin Simnacher to play guitar and sing on the track and then linked up with another friend, Mark Pence, to mix the song and add backtracking.

"I finished the song mix at 3 o'clock this morning," said Pence who confessed he was getting by Wednesday afternoon (6/20) thanks mostly to Red Bull and adrenalin.
But they were just in time. They emailed the song to the Iowa Lottery, and at the big award ceremony in Des Moines on Wednesday, the song served as the unofficial theme for the "Shipping 20."

A mix of a light-hearted folk song and the theme to the Jeffersons? The artists admit it's not their usual brand of music, but it was a labor of love.

"I knew we'd be able to do it quickly enough to get it done in time," said Pence.

"Those lottery winners, they had to buy a lot of lottery tickets to make this happen overnight for em, and it's that way with the music," said Simnacher.

"It feels like I won the lottery, but I don't see any money," said Bosier with a laugh.

Brian Scott, CBS 2 & Fox 28 News



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